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American Medical Women's Association

How To Join

The American Medical Women's Association membership sign-ups occur on Club Day in the fall. Students can also contact the club officers directly at any point during the year if they are interested in joining.




Georgia Allen, D.O.


President: Meghan Ponna (COM 2021)
Vice President: Natasha Khokhar (COM 2021)
Senior Advisor: Sarah Azam (COM 2019)

Coordinators of Community Outreach: Sherin Thomas, Shreshtha Wadhwa, Rebecca King, Marie Schow, Irene Velarde (COM 2021)

Coordinators of Research and Education: Irene Guzman, Jennifer Tu, Yasamin Taghikhan, Jessica Kim, Angela Martey (COM 2021)

Coordinators of Girls Inc.: Sarah Davis, Ana Mathew, Sabiha Mulla, Sukhpreet Janda (COM 2021)

Members: 207

Events: 12

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American Medical Women's Association