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Anesthesiology is the specialty field of medicine in which trained physicians (known as anesthesiologists) provide medical care to patients during surgical procedures. Anesthesiologists are responsible for ensuring the delivery of anesthesia safely to patients in virtually all health care settings, including all major medical and tertiary care facilities. This includes a preoperative evaluation, consultation with the surgical team, creating a plan for the anesthesia tailored to each individual patient, airway management, intraoperative life support and provision of pain control, intraoperative diagnostic stabilization, and proper post-operative management of patients. Preparation of patients for emergency surgery are mandatory, essential, and critical skills that anesthesiologists have been trained to employ.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of TUCA Anesthesiology Club is to introduce students to the fields of anesthesiology and pain management. We hope to serve as a support group for students interested in applying for an anesthesiology residency. Also, we hope to successfully cater towards those students, staff and faculty to accomplish the following:
i. create a society for the students with interest in anesthesiology whose ideas, interests, and plans would be discussed and shared among their peers
ii. create a forum where lower classmen can be guided by upperclassmen about research, clinical, and application strategies
iii. organize lectures and/or talks with Touro University California faculty, staff and alumni that will familiarize students with the field of anesthesiology
iv. invite research faculty members affiliated with different research facilities to discuss their research and new developments in the field
v. create a database of research opportunities/research electives
vi. attend conferences related to anesthesiology to broaden the spectrum of knowledge and establish liaisons with the students and faculty members from different parts of the United States, as well as globally
vii. invite faculty and community members involved in the practice of anesthesiology who will familiarize the members with experiences associated with it
viii. create an environment in which members’ curiosity and interest can grow through activities that will pertain to the field of anesthesiology
ix. educate interested students in the differences and aspects of an osteopathic/DO anesthesiology and the allopathic pathways




Dr. Athena Lin, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Basic Sciences


Current Officers
Kevin Varner
Jessica Kim
Vice President:
Adam Lyle
George Chen
Hayden Porter

Shaun Rafael
Alexandra Rhee
Adam Claessens
Jason Oliver

Members: 69

Events: 8

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