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American Pharmacists Association (APhA)

Past Events

Touro Pharmacy Alliance General Meeting

Thursday, November 10, 2011

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Lander Hall 170

2 People attended
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Open for COM, Open for COP, Open for CEHS

Touro Pharmacy Alliance is an umbrella of professional pharmacy organizations (APhA, AMCP, NCPA, SNPhA, CSHP, ACCP) working together to increase opportunities for student pharmacists as well as unify all areas of the profession of pharmacy. This meeting is mandatory for TPA officers and open to anybody else that would like to attend.


APhA was the first-established national professional society of pharmacists, having been founded in 1852 as the American Pharmaceutical Association. It remains the largest association of pharmacists in the United States.


Dr. Emily Chan and Dr. Adrian Wong


President: Erica Shew

VP: Nick Wang

VP of Operation: Daryll Ferrer

VP of Finance: Christine Le

VP of Policy: Monica Ukaoma and Leslie Wu and

VP of Membership: Xeng Xiong

VP of Communication: Casey Mahnke

Historian/Public Relations: Jessica Le

Generation RX: Paochee Moua and Marilyn Nguyen and

Operation Self-Care: Zachary Hua and Nhat Nguyen and

Operation Heart: Courtney MacDonald and Jennifer Van and

Operation Diabetes: Janessa Cariaga and Hafasa Mojaddidi and

Operation Immunization: Phuong Uyen Bui and Yoon Park and

Members: 183

Events: 18

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