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Berkeley Suitcase Clinic

Past Event

General Suitcase Clinic

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

2407 Dana St, Berkeley CA, 94704

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Look for the request to RSVP button on the main page for the club on this site, or for the specific clinic date you wish to attend. On the next page, select "Yes" under "Are you available?", depending on your skill level and experience. We ask that first year COM students please shadow for one clinic before volunteering. If you have any questions, or need help with the website, please contact a coordinator. You will be notified by email (on the Sunday before clinic) if you are chosen to participate for that particular date, in addition to further instructions. Carpool instructions will be sent out in the email. Attire is casual, no white coats needed!

Typical Timing:

5:00pm - Leave campus to go to a selected restaurant to eat/socialize before clinic

6:45pm - Arrive at the clinic and prepare for clients

7:00pm - Begin treating first client (10-15min to evaluate, present to preceptor, treat for 30-40min, present again)

8:00pm - Begin treating second client

9:30pm - Pack up, debrief and leave


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Slot Times6:30pm - 9:30pm
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General Suitcase Coordinators sign up here!

You know who you are...and so do we
Volunteers Not Applicable To You
A few lucky Volunteers will be selected for each clinic session where they will be paired with a Coordinator to perform a focused exam and structural assessment, present to a preceptor, and treat their findings with OMM! It's a great opportunity to practice your skills, build your diagnostic confidence, clear your skin, and even solve the greater mysteries of the universe!

Dress is casual. No white coat needed.
Shadows Not Applicable To You
First time? Great! This is the opportunity for you!

A few lucky individuals will be selected to shadow our highly experienced and extremely talented Coordinators as they OMM the somatic dysfunction right out of our weekly clients! Come to observe and expect to participate! We know you'll enjoy the experience!
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Observation of Suitcase Clinic sessions is open to all non-COM students interested in what COM students do.

Come see treatment in action!
Meet a real, live DO (and future DO's)!
Learn more about OMM and its applications!


Suitcase Clinic was founded in 1989. Touro University began its involvement with the General Suitcase Clinic in 2006.


Dr. Victor Nuno, DO and
Dr. Stacey Pierce-Talsma, DO


** Bryant Chee, OMS I
(upon requesting to be a member, email me ^)
** Jorvic Ramos, OMS I
Ningning Hu, OMS I
Pirya Singh, OMS I
Paul Godoy, OMS I
Helen Meng, OMS I
Brian Xieu, OMS I
Joseph Choe, OMS I
Iva Hu, OMS I
**indicates contact person for volunteer inquiries

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