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California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP)


CSHP-Touro is also part of an umbrella organization called Touro Pharmacy Alliance (TPA). CSHP-Touro is also our school’s ASHP-SSHP.

CSHP is a professional society of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, student pharmacists and associates who promote the health, safety, and appropriate use of medication therapy for patients and the public by:
(a) Serving as an organization through which the membership pursues its common professional goals.
(b) Providing leadership for the profession and support for its members.
(c) Advocating for its members before private and public agencies and health care professional organizations.

The specific purposes and objectives are:
(a) To promote rational, patient-oriented medication therapy across the continuum of care.
(b) To foster the optimal and responsible use of medication-related technologies.
(c) To promote pharmacists, and technicians as integral members of the healthcare team in order to allow full utilization of their clinical skills and knowledge of the medication use process in each healthcare setting.
(d) To serve as a primary advocate for advancing professional practice, optimizing patient outcomes, and improving the quality of patient care.
(e) To promote pharmaceutical services that use sound pharmacoeconomic principles.
(f) To advocate the pharmacist's and technician's value to patients by ensuring that appropriate clinical services and the medication use process are applied to their benefit.
(g) To promote public health by fostering the optimal and responsible use of medications, including education for proper use and/or controlled use of medications.
(h) To promote competency in the profession by offering state of the art education and training programs.




Dr. Tristan Lindfelt & Dr. Melissa Kirtpatrick


Mylien Hoang

VP of Student Affairs:
George Mikhail

VP of Social Affairs:
Cindy Nguyen

VP of Educational & Professional Affairs:
Brienna Andrews

VP of Finance:
Andrew Robello

Smoking Cessation Committee:
Chau Huynh
Cindy Duong

Asthma/COPD Committee:
Jia Wang
Elyssa Valencerina

Poison Prevention Committee:
Julie Liu
Tiffany Chui

SSEC Representative:
Joseph Y. Lee

Members: 195

Events: 2

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