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In 2004, an International Health program was established to provide health care professionals an opportunity to learn about the complex interplay between social, political, and economic factors that shape the health care system in Africa.

This program created an opportunity to travel abroad and learn about different cultures, while experiencing medicine in a developing country. In 2004 only a single healthcare worker participated in the 4-week program held at the KMT Hospital in Shirati, Tanzania.

The following year, the number increased to eleven medical students traveling to the same location. Each student had researched epidemiological issues that plagued the area and began conducting public health research projects.

Outreach programs and research projects were initiated with a hope to continue collecting data throughout the year in order to better serve the local community. In 2006, following the addition of 21 new participants to the International Health Program, a decision was reached to officially establish an independent non-profit organization: The Global Physicians Corps.

By the summer of 2006, the Global Physicians Corps expanded to include two sites, (Shirati, Tanzania and Jimma, Ethiopia), 33 students, and 2 physicians. In addition, we were able to raise $6,000 used in purchasing medical supplies and funding outreach projects in both Shirati and Jimma.

Currently the Global Physicians Corps is in the process of establishing three additional sites in Malawi, Sudan, and India.

Information from students about each site can be found here:

Here is some of the work published by the Global Physicians Corps:
Class of 2013 Schistosomiasis Presentation
Class of 2013 Leprosy Presentation
Class of 2014 BIOMEA Abstract List
Class of 2014 BIOMEA Seminar and Poster Presentation Book
Class of 2014 Schistosomiasis Presentation




Eiman Mahmoud, MD, MPH


CEO, Co-Founders
Dr. Maria Alikakos
Dr. Arta Bakshandeh

Dr. Justino Dalio

Jason Duong, OMS-III

Members: 88

Events: 35

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