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Interprofessional Biomedical Ethics Club


Biomedical Ethics Club is a forum to discuss ethical issues before they come up in direct patient care. Meetings aim to provide a safe space for people to discuss a variety of opinions and thoughts on topics that are often emotional and difficult to deal with in clinical practice. Meetings will hopefully have the input of interprofessional colleagues as well as faculty and staff.

Each meeting has a discussion on a clinical bioethical case or a speaker with an expertise relevant to the group. This leads to students being better prepared when faced with similar issues in their professional lives.

Biomedical Ethics Club helps support Touro's mission of social justice as well as helping students better understand the ethical principles before they need to apply them on board exams and in real clinical life.

Feel free to email us with questions.


Spring 2014


Dr. Catherine West, MD, DrPH


David Weiss, OMS1 COM

Vice President
Tsyria Tang OMS1 COM

Research Case Coordinator
Brandon Rafison, OMS1 COM

Members: 10

Events: 6