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The mission of Keystone Club include the following objectives:
1. Build an all inclusive health care community consisting of Touro University students from all professions.
2. Provide the environment for discovery of how public health professionals, osteopathic physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants and educators can assist each other and collaborate.
3. Extend networking opportunities for club members beyond their individual colleges.
4. To facilitate a unified service-professional culture and explore what an integrated system can accomplish.
5. Promote inter-college team building on campus and discuss the challenges of extending the team building methods beyond Touro University.
6. Support dual-degree students in bridging professions to create new possibilities in health care.

Events and activities are centered around developing personal relationships, communication skills, and problem solving skills that will be used our future careers. This club aims to challenge and expand our ideas of the traditional roles of health providers and patients toward a more patient-centered and interprofessional team approach to diagnosis and treatment.




Dr. Patricia Shane


President - Kenny Lee (PharmD/MPH)
Vice President - Alisa Takeda (COM/MPH)
PA Chair - Christine Ruby (PA/MPH)
COM Chair - Nathan Rheault (COM/MPH)
MPH Chair - Manjot Multani (MPH)
PharmD Chair - Nanik Hatsakorzian (PharmD/MPH)

Members: 31

Events: 4

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Keystone Club is a student chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement