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Korean Student Pharmacist Association (KSPA)


- To provide a common platform for the pharmacist of Korean Origin and other ethnicities to come together to promote and improve their professional skills in serving the community.
- To keep the member pharmacists well informed about the constantly changing environment of the pharmacy profession.
- To support and assist those who are aspiring to enter the profession and who have chosen to pursue a career in pharmacy, with all available resources.
- To serve the community by participating in the community Health Fairs, and to educate the public about health related matters.
- To promote the cultural heritage and to improve the opportunity for social interaction among members.




Dr. Susan Heimer


President: Patrina Kim (

VP of Membership:
Jae Kug (

VP of Finance:
Bailey Yuan (

VPs of Community Outreach:
Anna Akiyama (

VPs of Social Affairs:
Wesley Dang (

Members: 12

Events: 2