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The mission of SAAO is to teach, advocate, and research the science, art, and philosophy of osteopathic medicine, emphasizing the integration of osteopathic principles, practices, and manipulative treatment in patient care. The Touro CA chapter runs the SAAO clinic, coordinates convocation, sells OMM gear, hosts mock OMM practicals, and sponsors several events and brown bag educational talks throughout the year. Members have mock practical privileges and become a part of the rich heritage of our profession.




Dr. Glover & Dr. Nuno


President: Veronica Scavo

Vice President: Simone Easterbrook

National Representative: Kshma Kulkarni

Secretary: Shelley Lai

Treasurer: Rodger Hurst

Community Outreach: Maxwell Marino

Clinic Coordinators: Hobart Lai, Hung Tran, Daisy Chan, Ruixuan (Jenny) Zhang

Members: 347

Events: 540

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