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Past Event

Lunchtime OMM Clinic

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Lander Hall OMM Lab

2 People are going
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Open for COM, Open for COP, Open for CEHS
Get Touch Points
Get Clinical Experience

Open for COM, Open for COP, Open for CEHS

Get Touch Points & complete an ECE!

TU COMMUNITY: Have aches, pains or other ailments? All Touro staff, students, faculty are welcome for a checkup and OMM treatment at noon in the Lander OMM lab.

COM STUDENTS: PRACTICE your OMM skills in a clinical environment, get TOUCH points, and fulfill an ECE! Learn how EFFECTIVELY you can perform an H&P. Assignments will be based on first come first serve basis!

Please sign up to treat, shadow, or be a patient using the following form:

Signing up online will GUARANTEE you a spot as a treater or as a patient. Please contact the clinic coordinators if you are unable to attend the shift you sign up for. 

*contact: [javascript protected email address], [javascript protected email address], [javascript protected email address], and [javascript protected email address] with questions!*




Dr. Glover & Dr. Nuno


President: Matthew Wai

Vice President: Sarah Davis

National Representative: Mary Hyland

Secretary: Jessica Kim

Treasurer: Michael Hagopian

Community Outreach: Danielle Tucker and Jessica Nguyen

Clinic Coordinators: Alia McKean, Dunia Mardini, Su Hamade, Serena Organ

Members: 357

Events: 560

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