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Past Event

Lunchtime OMM Clinic

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Lander Hall OMM Lab

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Open for COM, Open for COP, Open for CEHS
Get Touch Points
Get Clinical Experience

*** New Sign-Up System ***
NEW: SAAO members will be given first priority and are guaranteed a spot as a treater. Please sign up to treat, shadow, or be a patient using the following form:

If you are interested in becoming an SAAO member, please contact Mary at [javascript protected email address]

SAAO hosts a student-run lunchtime clinic for the TU community every week at 12 PM! This is the perfect opportunity to get Touch points, complete an ECE, and hone your palpatory skills in a fun, interactive learning environment.  

TU COMMUNITY: Have any aches, pains or other ailments? All Touro staff, students, faculty are welcome to sign up for a checkup and OMM treatment in the Lander Hall OMM Lab. 

COM STUDENTS: Practice your OMM skills in a clinical environment and learn to effectively perform an H&P. Be sure to sign up before spaces fill up! 

*contact: [javascript protected email address], [javascript protected email address], [javascript protected email address], and [javascript protected email address] with any questions!*




Dr. Glover & Dr. Nuno


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Vice President: Renato Martin Jr.

National Representative: Savannah Pocquette
Community Outreach: Iva Hu
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