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Past Event

SAAO Lunchtime Lab

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Lander Hall OMM Lab

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Open for COM, Open for COP, Open for CEHS

The SAAO Lunchtime Lab (formerly known as "Lunchtime Clinic") is a student-led space where students (and staff) from all programs can come and enjoy OMM treatment. TUC students from all programs are also welcome to shadow.

And if you're in the DO program, please come out to practice your OMM skills and share your knowledge with other school-mates! This event counts for ECE credit!

At this time, signing up does not confirm your spot as we try to carefully ensure we have an appropriate ratio of treater to shadow to patient. We will confirm your spot on Sunday, Sept 8 evening! Sign up to be a shadow, treater, or patient.


Link to sign up: l.php?;h=AT1OIGFELijEmbDQEKqs702CfJFYnCLe6LzRY3MjIazMU3vKaLu4T4zyRHIk_z1JV2unpAxUy8pItXyHNqBbFtxtB12POgZt4Ux5KZDtebyyA8yFr-258X2V_LGk5s1P5g8V-IZLvIJdIr1WNhAEb7Cu2K6NwdrJMA">




Dr. Glover & Dr. Nuno


President: Emma Miguel
Vice President: Renato Martin Jr.

National Representative: Savannah Pocquette
Community Outreach: Iva Hu
Treasurer: Renato Martin Jr.

Lunchtime Lab Coordinators:
Bhaani Singh -

Jeremy "Teekz" Yenpasook -

Ningning Hu -

Members: 363

Events: 576

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