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Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA)

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.


Sharon Roquemore (now Sharon Lovick Edwards) and John J. Scurviness


Dr. Shane Desselle and Dr. David Malewski


President: Joey Ip
Vice President: Cinita Cyriac
Secretary: Michelle Nham
VP of Finance: Michael Cho
VP of Community Outreach: Michael G Kim
Director of Public Relations: Sabrina Luong
Power to End Stroke Chairs: Czarina Guieb, Elizabeth Camba, Shannon Ton
Diabetes Initiative Chairs: Austin Stamp, Jacky Nhan, Vincent Bui
Operation Immunization Chairs: Gary Ngoc, Justin Ton, Kyle Gibson
Remember the Ribbon HIV/AIDS Chairs: Anthony Nguyen, Connie Kwan
Project KEEPSAKE CKD Chairs: Tam Nguyen, Minh Hong Ngoc Dinh (Natalie)
Mental Health: Charles Yun, Sara Tom
Legislative: Huy Le, Rommel Agustin

Members: 36

Events: 22

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