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Spanish club is dedicated to teaching everyone basic level Spanish and raising awareness of how important Spanish has become in our communities. We have many resources available on campus this year including teachers and printed materials to facilitate learning at any level. Spanish has become so important in the practice of healthcare that we encourage you to prioritize Spanish classes now and not regret it later when you are faced with Spanish speaking patients on rotations etc. Advanced level courses are available and add an impressive amount of medical knowledge as well as Spanish phraseology to your bag of tools. We also have a lot of fun and perform outreach to our communities in various forms of Spanish translation etc.




Dr. Teresita Menini


Sean Lim

Vice President
Katrina Nguyen

Director of Finance
Christopher Ma

Director of Operations
Jonathan Junqua

Director of Outreach
Kurtis Speer

Members: 315

Events: 77

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