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How To Join

Students in Touro's COM, COP, PA, or MPH programs volunteer to run and staff Touro's student run free clinic. Eligible students can sign up to volunteer on the event listings on this website by clicking that you are available (where it says "Available?" click the "yes"). You will be told if you are scheduled for a particular shift that you mark as available; make sure to sign up early!
Continue reading for details on eligibility.

FIRST YEAR COM, COP, & PA STUDENTS have been allowed to shadow since November (2015). OMS1's will be able to sign up for H&P and OMM starting with the 2/4/2016 clinic. Please check the events to sign up! Stay tuned for when other volunteer opportunities open up.

EVERYONE (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th years in all programs) must complete online training on Blackboard before indicating on the TU student life website event that they are available to volunteer. All students are enrolled in a course entitled Ask, Know, Empower, which is comprised of 4 short modules meant to orient students to clinic flow, procedures, and situations to be prepared for. You must get 100% on all modules at least once (you can take each as many times as you want to do this) so that we can confirm you have understood the concepts.

Please note: you must be registered on in order to be certified since you also need to use this website to volunteer.

When you have both 1) completed the Ask, Know, Empower modules with 100% on all of them and 2) registered on this website, then 3) email the AKE Coordinator and please include a screenshot showing your completed modules. The Ask, Know, Empower coordinator is Jae Kug at [javascript protected email address]. Note: If you are able to sign up on tustudentlife, that means you have already been certified on here!

For questions related to Ask, Know, Empower, post on the course's blackboard discussion board or contact [javascript protected email address].

If you do not see the course on your Blackboard page, please contact[javascript protected email address] and ask to be enrolled.

For questions regarding scheduling, please contact your respective Volunteer Coordinator (VC) or Program Coordinator (PC):

COM - VC: Sara Tong ([javascript protected email address]) PC: Angela Pflugrath ([javascript protected email address])

CEHS (PA/MPH) - VC: Joyce Lam ([javascript protected email address]) HEPC: James Kimpo ([javascript protected email address]) CMC: Hannah Agren ([javascript protected email address])

COP - VC: Bryan Chiem ([javascript protected email address]) PC: Hoa Hang ([javascript protected email address])

Spanish Translation - Karla Aguirre ([javascript protected email address])


October 6, 2010


Dr. Melissa Pearce


Executive Director
Selene Jamall

Director of Operations
Christina Dolores

Director of COP
Bobby Wu

Director of COM
Joelle Lee

Director of CEHS
Jason Nies

Director of Public Relations
Crystal Trang

Director of Finance
Tony Lotte

Members: 2176

Events: 311

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