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The mission of the Student Government Association (SGA) of Touro University, CA is to provide a voice to the students. The students of Touro University have a strong influence on the direction of their education, and the members of the SGA fully support any endeavor the students want to embark on. We have monthly meetings of the Student Senate to discuss and hear out any student on any subject they wish. We have elected VPs of multiple disciplines: Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Community Outreach, Finance, Social Affairs, Alumni Affairs, Athletics, and Historian, as well as a President that oversees the entire SGA and college-specific student governments.

In addition to all this, the SGA provides relief from studying to the students in the form of monthly social events such as an athletic event or food during block exams, an annual Winter Gala, and an annual Talent Show; all put on free for the students!!

SGA Constitution
Financial Rules & Regulations for SGA and Club Spending

2019-2020 SGA Officers

President: Rahil Hudda
VP of Student Affairs: Daniel Wong
VP of Archives: Camilo Pardo
VP of Finance: Neehar Gaddam
VP of Alumni Affairs: Giselle Galang
VP of Academics Affairs:Genevieve MacMillan
VP of Communications: Suhryoung Chun
VP of Social Affairs: Sara Tom
VP of Information Technology: Sabrina Luong
VP of Insurance/Student Health: Kathleen Mak
VP of Community Outreach: Michael Walls
VP of Athletics: Bradley Steuble

2018-2019 SGA Officers

President: Greg Weygandt
VP of Student Affairs: Brigitte Wray-Miller
VP of Archives: Sukhpreet Kaur Janda
VP of Finance: Wan Lee
VP of Alumni Affairs: Yoon Kyul Park
VP of Academics Affairs: Mitra Najmi
VP of Communications: Megan LeVay
VP of Social Affairs: Esme Irvine
VP of Information Technology: Tin Luu
VP of Insurance/Student Health: Vy Le
VP of Community Outreach: Zoe Lehman
VP of Athletics: Jamie Katuna

2017-2018 SGA Officers

President: Catherine Weir
VP of Student Affairs: Katherine Farley
VP of Archives: Christina Choy-Sanchez
VP of Finance: Justin Nguyen
VP of Alumni Affairs: Jesse Nguyen
VP of Academics: Samantha Antonio
VP of Communications: Michelle Huang
VP of Social: Mohammad Habib
VP of Information Technology: Kshma Kulkami
VP of Insurance/Student Health: Katelyn Dang
VP of Community Outreach: Diana Nguyen
VP of Athletics: Nathaniel Calloway

2016-2017 SGA Officers

President: Ava Mahan
VP of Academic Affairs: Christopher Yee
VP of Alumni Affairs: Sadaf Nawabi
VP of Archives: Joseph Mak
VP of Athletics: Matthew Paparian
VP of Communications: Uyen Thai
VP of Community Outreach: Steven Munassi
VP of Finance: Grace Nguyen
VP of Information Technology: Mohammad Khorsand
VP of Insurance (Student Health): Tran Nguyen
VP of Social Affairs: Cindy Duong
VP of Student Affairs: Truc Huynh

2015-2016 SGA Officers

Top Row (L to R):

President: Golnoush Golshan
VP of Academic Affairs: Walid Aljayosi
VP of Alumni Affairs: Justina Liang
VP of Archives: Jonathan Theo
VP of Athletics: Jason Andrade
VP of Communications: Michelle Tran
VP of Community Outreach: Katherine Yu
VP of Finance: Daisy Young
VP of Information Technology: James Friedlander
VP of Insurance (Student Health): Christopher Munoz
VP of Social Affairs: Kasey Willson
VP of Student Affairs: Naomi Stewart

2014-2015 SGA Officers

Top Row (L to R): Anupam Mittal, Edward Wang, Salma Bahadarakhann, Henry Kaing, Erik Wiele. Front Row: Nan Li, Ariel Dunn, Katie Ho, Heeral Bhatt, Alaina Klene, Megan Lung

President: Salma Bahadarakhann
VP of Student Affairs: Nan Li
VP of Social Affairs: Megan Lung
VP of Finance: Heeral Bhatt
VP of Community Outreach: Katie Ho
VP of Communications: Henry Kaing
VP of Academic Affairs: Erik Wiele
VP of Alumni Affairs: Alaina Klene
VP of Athletics: Edward Wang
VP of Student Health: Evan Clontz
VP of Archives (Historian): Anupam Mittal
VP of Information Technology: Ariel Dunn

2013-2014 SGA Officers

Top Row (L to R): Frank Nguyen, Marshall Khant, Apar Ghuman, Matthew Blaisdell, Rodger Cagawan, Steven Van. Front Row: Melanie Kappdakunnel, Sonya Babayan, Joyce Ho, Megan Pokorney, Mey Saephan, Jade Hiu

President: Apar Singh Ghuman
VP of Student Affairs: Mey Saephan
VP of Social Affairs: Steven Van
VP of Finance: Rodger Cagawan
VP of Community Outreach: Matthew Blaisdell
VP of Communications: Joyce Ho
VP of Academic Affairs: Melanie Kappdakunnel
VP of Alumni Affairs: Sonya Babayan
VP of Athletics: Frank Nguyen
VP of Student Health: Jade Hiu
VP of Archives (Historian): Marshall Khant
VP of Information Technology: Megan Pokorney

2012-2013 SGA Officers

Top Row (L to R): Lauren Williams, Geoffrey Lange (far back), John Suchland, Todd Hayano, Joe Ricci, Bahram Sohrabi, Soaman Dizechi, Nicholas Becketti. Front Row: Danessa Lerias, Thuy Vo, Jen Higa, Lois Hurr, Amber Mann

President: Bahram Sohrabi
VP of Student Affairs: Geoffrey Lange
VP of Social Affairs: Danessa Lerias
VP of Finance: Joe Ricci
VP of Community Outreach: Thuy Vo
VP of Communications: Jen Higa
VP of Academic Affairs: Nicholas Becketti
VP of Alumni Affairs: Amber Mann
VP of Student Run Health Clinic: Lauren Williams
VP of Athletics: Todd Hayano
VP of Student Health: John Suchland
VP of Archives (Historian): Soaman Dizechi
VP of Information Technology: Lois Hurr

2011-2012 SGA Officers

Top Row (L to R): Paterson Rene, Christine Ruby, Matthew McCartt, Benjamin Malcolm, Behnam Kachouei, Charlie Hildebrand, Anh Do. Front Row: Alisa Takeda, Susie Mao, Vivian Levy, Maria Ko, Kelly Campbell, Rachel Ilagan

President: Susie Mao
VP of Student Affairs: Anh Do
VP of Social Affairs: Christine Ruby
VP of Finance: Kelly Campbell
VP of Community Outreach: Paterson Rene
VP of Communications: Alisa Takeda
VP of Academic Affairs: Rachel Ilagan
VP of Alumni Affairs: Benjamin Malcolm
VP of Student Run Health Clinic: Matthew McCartt
VP of Athletics: Behnam Kachouei
VP of Student Health: Maria Ko
VP of Archives (Historian): Vivian Levy
VP of Information Technology: Charlie Hildebrand

2010-2011 SGA Officers

President: TuTran Huynh
VP of Student Affairs: Chris McConnell
VP of Social Affairs: Coury Clemens
VP of Community Outreach: Megan Jolicoeur
VP of Academic Affairs: Janae Ferreira
VP of Communications: Naomi Chiang
VP of Finance: Tracie Watson
VP of Athletics: Derren Cheongsiatmoy
VP of Alumni Affairs: Vanna Rocchi
SGA Historian: Archana Radhakrishnan

2009-2010 SGA Officers




Dr. Irene Favreau


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Current (2019-2020) officers.

Rahil Hudda

VP of Academic Affairs
Genevieve MacMillan

VP of Alumni Affairs
Giselle Galang

VP of Archives
Camilo Pardo

VP of Athletics
Bradley Steuble

VP of Communications
Suhryoung Chun

VP of Community Outreach
Michael Walls

VP of Finance
Neehar Gaddam

VP of Information Technology
Sabrina Luong

VP of Insurance (Student Health)
Kathleen Mak

VP of Social Affairs
Sara Tom

VP of Student Affairs
Daniel Wong

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Members: 35

Events: 54

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