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If you need items from the Supply Closet restocked, email VP of Student Affairs Katy Farley with 2 weeks advance notice.




Dr. Irene Favreau


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Current (2017-18) officers. VPs are in alphabetical order by first name.

Cathy Weir

VP of Archives
Christina Choy-Sanchez

VP of Community Outreach
Diana Nguyen

VP of Alumni Affairs
Jesse Nguyen

VP of Finance
Justin Nguyen

VP of Insurance (Student Health)
Katelyn Dang

VP of Student Affairs
Katherine Farley

VP of Information Technology
Kshma Kulkarni

VP of Communications
Michelle Huang

VP of Social Affairs
Mohammad Habib

VP of Athletics
Nathaniel Calloway

VP of Academic Affairs
Samantha Antonio

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Members: 32

Events: 54

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